Partnering with nationals in Burundi to bring hope and healing into the areas of poverty, education, health and family/community.

Hope4Burundi is a non-profit mission organization whose goal is to share the hope of Christ with the people of Burundi and see the country restored by partnering with local Burundi Christian leaders who are impacting their nation.

Our goal is to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Burundi, known as “The Heart of Africa,” that has suffered much from waves of internal conflict which has resulting in poverty, vulnerability to disease, restricted access to education and an unconscionable number of widows and orphans.

Hope4Burundi is working in partnership with Homecare Ministries and other Christian leaders throughout the country so that together, Burundi will experience restoration and a renewed hope.




H4B Founders & 
US Directors

John and Diane Crews have been in international ministry for 17 years. They have been involved with Homecare Ministries since the vision was cast in 2006. In those years they have formed deep relationships with the staff, those involved in the Homecare Ministry network, and developed relationships with other local Christian leaders in the country. Through their passion and commitment to Burundi, many here in the US have joined in efforts to impact Burundi and now also have a passion to see the people of Burundi have Hope and Life in Jesus and experience full restoration and life.



Founder/Director - Homecare Ministries, Burundi

Peace Nihorimbere is the Founder/Director of Homecare Ministries. As a survival of three waves of genocide, she is intimately aware of the impact conflict has on individuals, families and the country. After living with her family in Switzerland and Canada as refugees for a number of years following the l993 genocide, God called her to return to her homeland to help restore her country. She did not hesitate. What began as an outreach to a few widows and orphans has now grown to a vibrant Christian community that reaches out far beyond it’s primary ministry center in the capital of Bujumbura, meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs in powerful ways.