Burundi Projects

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Homecare Center was as a God given vision 12 years ago and is now a well-established ministry in Bujumbura, Burundi. The initial 13 widows and orphans that began learning about Jesus, how God sees them, and learning to sew and start businesses has grown successfully to more than 500 who have set up and sustained businesses to support their families, sharing Jesus wherever they go. Praise God for this amazing work and the hundreds who have come to know Jesus as a result!

As the Homecare ministry grew, so did a vision for the entire country of Burundi. For several years now, Hope4Burundi and its partner, Homecare, have been praying about where God would want to continue the outreach in the rural areas of Burundi outside the capital of Bujumbura. After much prayer, God has opened the doors to extend ministry in Kibungo, Matana; a province in the rural mountain region of Burundi. Connecting with the local Kibungo church, Homecare leaders have shared Christ in the village through evangelistic outreach, distribution of clean water filters, sharing Bibles, helping widows begin raising sheep and crops, as well as gaining access to regional high schools to share the gospel with and mentor high school students. These open doors have prepared the way to establish the SECOND much prayed for ministry center in Burundi!

The groundwork has been laid; preliminary preparation made to have a permanent ministry center in Kibungo for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, providing skill and literacy training for widows and orphans, counseling and trauma healing for the hundreds who have experienced abuse, and continuing ministry to the youth of the area.

The goal is to have the center operational in the Fall of 2018!
For this continued vision to become a reality we need your help!

These are the needs for a center in Kibungo:

  • Chairs, tables, literacy books and supplies, Bibles, fabric/sewing supplies
  • Salaries for a sewing teacher and sewing assistant
  • Salary for a Bible teacher, ministry center coordinator, and cook
  • Food, utilities and communication

TOTAL monthly estimated cost: $1,500 for 20 students/staff per month

Areas of Focus

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The root of most of the issues Burundi faces is dire poverty.  The average income is only $278 a year, currently placing Burundi as the poorest country in the world.  Due to repeated cycles of internal conflict, disease, poor access to education, malnutrition, and unclean water, little progress has been made.

Because of the current political, economic situation in Burundi, Hope4Burundi, in partnership with Burundi Christian nationals, such as Homecare Ministries, is providing immediate relief for survival:  food, water, and shelter.  Micro-loans are also provided to enable widows and orphans to begin their own businesses, enabling them to support their families.  

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A key element in restoration in Burundi is education. The majority of boys may only go through grade 5; girls, grade 2, with often receiving no education at all, for girls are considered more useful to work at home rather than worth educating.  Few will go beyond primary school, and even fewer to university. 

The children of those in the Homecare ministry network are provided school fees, uniforms and supplies so that they may regularly attend school. Many of the widows and orphans in the ministry have little or no education, so literacy training is provided so that they can enter into skill training and be able to support their families. A year long sewing training program is provided, which is a viable, sustaining skill. At the end of the training they will receive a sewing machine and tools to begin their own businesses.

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Good health is key to being able to utilize education and training, so Hope4Burundi supports basic training in health and hygiene, while providing for health care for those within the Homecare Ministry network as needed, including HIV screening and medications. Clean water is a crucial need for health and survival; Hope4Burundi is providing water filters for families and communities so that they no longer suffer from water born diseases which are crippling and often fatal.  This has made a huge difference already, and many more filters are in the process of being distributed throughout the country. Space conserving gardens have been established at the ministry center to provide nourishing vegetables that greatly support better health and nutrition. Students learn these methods so that they can duplicate these gardens at their homes to better nourish their families and share these techniques with others.



The mission of Hope4Burundi is to address the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of Burundi, with spiritual development as the foundation built upon having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, growing in that relationship, and sharing this truth for life with others. Bible teaching is offered daily at the ministry center, along with prayer and counseling. Bibles are given for personal study and growth. Those who have benefitted from this are encouraged and eager to share these truths with others in their families and communities so that more can come to true life and hope. The ministry leaders are active in reaching out to other areas in Burundi to share the Good News, building relationships, addressing needs, with the ultimate goal of all of Burundi hearing  the Gospel and finding new life in Jesus. We believe that heart change is the key to Burundi’s restoration.

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Family and Community: 

We have found that the key to restoration lies in a sense of community where people feel valued, heard, supported and cared for. Homecare Ministry provides such a community environment, the only “family” many have ever experienced.  In a pro-active approach to keeping families together and growing strong families, mothers are equipped to support their children rather than abandoning them due to inability to provide for them. God’s design for family and community are modeled and lived out, along with scriptural teaching to build strong families, which build strong communities. Outreaches in village areas promote unity and purpose as they come together to address their own needs.

We also bring ministry teams from the US to join in with ongoing ministry, broadening a sense of community for both those who go and those they serve.  We are called to work together as one body, and when individuals, families and communities work together, living by Godly principles, strong nations emerge.  This is our Hope4Burundi.