Restoring Hope

We’d like to share a story of hope and restoration: a story of obedience of the few that turned into the restoration of many, a history of Homecare and Hope4Burundi.

The story begins in 2004. After living through 3 genocides in Burundi and living as a refugee in Switzerland and Canada for 11 years, Peace heard the call from God to return to Burundi.

In 2005 God connected Peace with John and Diane at a meeting in Nairobi, Kenya where she shared her vision of a ministry to restore Burundi. A vision to minister to the thousands of widows and orphans left from the 1993 genocide.

In 2006 the first 17 women arrived at a small room in Bujumbura in the capital of Burundi. They came to learn how to sew and be discipled but above all, because of the abuse and deep trauma they had experienced, sharing the Gospel, daily study of God’s Word, prayer and counseling were top priority in all aspects of the ministry.

Over the next couple of years more of the women's needs were met. Homecare was able to provide sewing classes, transportation costs, one full meal daily, all medical care, and shelter as needed. Homecare looked after the kiddos as well. They were able to provide school fees,  uniforms and supplies for school age children and childcare for preschool children while their mothers were in training.

They transitioned from a small room, to a larger room, then to a converted shipping container and finally into the present facility; the grounds that make up the Homecare Ministry Center in Bujumbura.

In 2010 a literacy program was added to teach basic reading and math so the women could dive into the Word for themselves and be successful in running a business.

A Micro-loan program was introduced providing more that 100 women with loans to start their own business. The program has a 98% pay back rate. Many of the women now employ others and some have become wholesalers.

In 2014 John and Diane felt led to focus solely on the needs of Burundi from the multi-international ministry they were involved in and formed Hope4Burundi. Its goal was to focus on Burundi’s spiritual, physical and emotion needs as they partner with Homecare as the primary resource provider.

In 2016 Burundi was declared the poorest and most malnourish country in the world and Hope4Burundi saw a need, and together with Homecare they looked for ways to help meet a basic need, clean water. They began providing pure water filters to combat chronic illnesses from water born diseases. More that 1000 filters have been distributed, along with the Gospel, in Bujumbura and the surrounding rural areas. Burundians that received the filter no longer suffer illnesses and are able to work, their children are able to attend school regularly, and overall health has drastically improved.

Due to economical crises in 2017 food became the main concern. Food supplies were drastically diminishing. With the help of agricultural specialists, urban gardens were set up at Homecare; within weeks nutrient dense crops were being harvested daily to augment the staples of bean and rice. Providing a huge boost in overall health in those able to partake.

Despite the ongoing political and economical crises hope continues to grow in and through Homecare. Almost 400 women have graduated from Homecares’ sewing and discipleship ministry and established their own businesses within the community. Many whom have expanded into other enterprises as well!

The Homecare community continues to impact Burundi and excited for the restoration of all of  “the heart of Africa.”


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